A festive week for All Bakers because the first pole of our new bakery has been placed into the ground! At the Stichtsekant, an industrial zone in Almere, hard work is currently being done on a gem of a bakery. Our new home is located close to the A27 and therefore easily accessible for everyone.

Innovation first

The state-of-the-art bakery will be equipped with the latest baking technologies, such as an automated oven line, allowing us to bake with even more eye for efficiency and sustainability. Furthermore, the roof will be equipped with solar panels and various heat recovery methods will be installed. This way, the heat from our ovens can simply be reused and nothing goes to waste. 


With a multifunctional building and all the space we need to keep up with our rapid growth, we are ready for the future. The first production day is planned for January 2020. We can’t wait!